Zipper top (very handy LOL)

I have this new top with zip in the front and I think is very handy for you guys LOL

would you want me to wearing it live on cam!? let me know. I think you like how my big boobies bounce easy out LOL

xoxo, Issy aka DominicanPoison

6 thoughts on “Zipper top (very handy LOL)

  1. You are SO gorgeous, and you have the BEST smile!
    (Fantastic top, too, btw)

    I saw a GIF of yours online, and had to find out: “Who *is* that girl?!!”
    It had no tag, no name, no file-name, but I am so Lucky to have found you!

    Actually, I’m an Astrologer and wanted to know your birthdate and time (I guess you are Dominican? Lol); I will do some more exploring, or you can let me know, if you like!

    Wish you an *awesome* life.

    x Mardi x

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