Why I don’t wear white t-shirts

I take this pics so I can show you why I dont wear white t-shirts anymore – they are all seeing through when my big boobies stretch them:

But, I do wear shirts like this on my webcam shows, so come by and see what else my big boobies do. đŸ™‚

xoxo, Issy

12 thoughts on “Why I don’t wear white t-shirts

  1. WOW!! mami dime que salte y saltare , dime que corra y correrĂ© … soy tuyo para lo que quieras y desees !! Siempre me tendrĂ¡s a tus lindos pies mi Reina XOX

  2. “I love it, those breast would stretch out any T-shirt or Top you will put on!!! I want to see you in a lot of Tube Tops or strapless tops!!!” Wonderful, Tremendous, Striking. You are all of those things as well as Breath-takingly Beautiful!!!!”

  3. I love your warm dimpled smile. Big boobs are great, but you are just so cute. It is a devastating combo, sexy and cute. xoxox

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