What my webcam guest say!?

I mention my webcam shows many times here cause I really enjoy being a webcam babe! But, if you were wander what my guest say after finish with me on cam (or maybe “after I finish them on cam” hehehe), here are some reviews from them:

So if you are curious about this, maybe you can join me live on webcam one day, and I make sure you get the best possible show!

xoxo, Issy

4 thoughts on “What my webcam guest say!?

  1. “I sincerely will make every way possible to see your show on Saturday and I will always do so for now on!! You in my eyes is by far one of the best performers of your profession!! And I know it’s an guarantee I will enjoy every show!!” Thank you Miss Issy……

  2. Be helpful to know when you go on ,I’ve been looking at different times and I never seem to find you online .do you have a schedule ?

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