After a looooong recovery!!

I apologize for all time out, after a bad flu. I returned to the load

My idea of ​​beach was frustrated by the rain, so I had no choice but to visit the cinema



MissIssy in Carnival

Enjoying the Dominican Carnival, (Mi Carnaval)

Was a beautiful parade in Santo Domingo East, with participation of some nearby towns

Ready to Valentine´s Day Party

By evaluating the look

On My WebCam Show

Doing what i know LIVE on my webcam!!!

Just some pose 😉

Visiting my neighbor town San Pedro

Beautifull town where you can not visit without enjoying its famous cakes in foil (Pasteles en Hoja).

I enjoyed a delicious cake made of cassava with chicken. and of course I take one for the house 😉 jejeje

Slow but Happy Weekend

MMMM, slow but Happy weekend

I only take a few drinks at a employer near Boca Chica ….

Miss Issy’s first blog post

Miss Issy aka DominicanPoison home photo

Hola! Im Miss Issy, welcome to my official blog -

Welcome to my blog, I am Miss Issy also known as DominicanPoison, I hope you like this new project done for you. Now I started this blog, for a long time I have wanted to do, so it’s my first post and hope to have good images that everyone likes and interesting entries, I will continue updating this blog to make it interesting, and I thank you very much feedback from you and for your support.