Shopping For Sexy New Year Lingerie

Hola lovers! My website have some technical problems for few days, and Im really sorry for that! 🙁 But now everything is OK, I back here, back on my webcam, and I want to show you some new sexy lingerie I like for New Year party:

Ayayay, with all the dancing for new year, maybe this is not good choice?! But I think it looks very sexy, so Im gonna wear this on my live webcam shows. I especially like how the thong look on my booty! Just come by and say hi, and I will show you what happens when I dance with this.

xoxo, Issy aka DominicanPoison

5 thoughts on “Shopping For Sexy New Year Lingerie

  1. Siempre tan hermosa y sexy mi Princesa! que linda lencería mami , quien pudiera celebrar el año nuevo contigo mmmm…. besos de tu fiel admirador XOX

  2. All I can say is dam, if your wearing that this weekend’s webcam show I will definitely tune in!! But you have to tell me that your wearing that!!

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