Sexy black lingerie

I get many compliments every time I wear this sexy black lingerie on my live webcam shows, so I decide to make some sexy #MartesDeTetas or #TittyTuesday pics for my blog lovers! Just, I always get very horny when wearing it because I know how much you like seeing my curvy body in it:

Also, it is hard for me to keep this on, so excuse me if my big boobies spill out, or I show you more than you expected to see during my live webcam shows. It’s really NOT my fault! LOL

xoxo, Issy

18 thoughts on “Sexy black lingerie

  1. Cada Dia Mas Bella! Esperaba Con Ansia Ver Imagenes Tuyas Y Pasan Los Dias Y Cada Dia Te Pones Mas Linda! Besos Y Gracias Por Existir!!!

  2. Pero por Dios mami , no se puede estar mas rica y hermosota . No hago otra cosa que dar gracias a diario porque te guste compartir tu extraordinaria belleza y permitir que te admiremos y adoremos como la Diosa que eres , GRACIAS por ser como eres y no cambies nunca mi amor!! XOXOX

  3. “In my observation of your lingerie, when I seen you in it, I literally spilled soda all on myself missing my mouth completely!!” Lol

  4. Your beauty is so amazing. It is as radiant as the sun and as smooth as the ocean on a calm night. I love your beautiful smile and caring personality. Your eyes are like diamonds.
    I will tell you more when we go private bb
    Have a great day love

  5. nothing turns me on more than a sexy busty woman like ur self smoking a cigar. Would u b open to making a custom DVD smoking a cigar? U can also resell the video if u like and I will send u premium cigars to use. Please let me know if u r interested thx

  6. U r just simply breath taking. I would love the opportunity to send an evening with u. Dinner, dancing,and if an evening isn’t possible how about lunch? Ill meet u anywhere on this planet.

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