On My WebCam Show

Doing what i know LIVE on my webcam!!!

Just some pose ūüėČ

Visiting my neighbor town San Pedro

Beautifull town where you can not visit without enjoying its famous cakes in foil (Pasteles en Hoja).

I enjoyed¬†a delicious¬†cake made of¬†cassava¬†with chicken.¬†and of course I¬†take¬†one for the¬†house ūüėČ jejeje

Slow but Happy Weekend

MMMM, slow but Happy weekend

I only take a few drinks at a employer near Boca Chica ….

Miss Issy’s first blog post

Miss Issy aka DominicanPoison home photo

Hola! Im Miss Issy, welcome to my official blog - MissIssy.com

Welcome to my blog, I am Miss Issy also known as DominicanPoison, I hope you like this new project done for you. Now I started this blog, for a long time I have wanted to do, so it’s my first post and hope to have good images¬†that everyone likes and interesting entries, I will continue updating this blog to make it interesting, and I thank you very much feedback from you and for your support.