My tight red top

I was trying on this red top the other day, to see if I can still fit my boobies inside. It was feel very tight, so I decided to wear it that day. I saw some guys looking at me, while my friend was taking this photos, but I dont know if it was because of the red top, or red thong that was peeking out of my tight jeans?!

so, when was the last time you saw me LIVE on my webcam?! cause I have some very sexy new outfits and new moves to share with you, so please papi come and visit me soon!

xoxo, Issy

5 thoughts on “My tight red top

  1. Que Chica Mas Hermosa, Nunca Me Voy A Cansar De Decirlo Realmente…
    En Enero Voy A Conoces “Altos De Chavon” Si Te Veo Por Casualidad De La Vida Juro Me Desmallo 🙂 La Primer Foto Es La Mejor Tienes Esa Carita Angelical! Exitos Para Ti Isa Desde Argentina.

  2. Tu dulce sonrisa siempre me ilumina , tu escultural cuerpo siempre me cautiva… no necesito nada mas para ser feliz que tu simple pero a la vez celestial presencia XOX .

  3. I LOVE the jeans and red top!!! Me encanto los pantalones y la blusa, y los lentes oscura…que misterio. Guapa como siempre Miss Issy

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