My Skirt Wont Stay Over My Ass?!

I picked this blue skirt for my webcam shows today, but it is too tight, and it don’t want stay on my ass! every time I bend over it go up and show my ass and thong. 🙂

look on these photos and you see:

just come to my webcam shows and I show you.

xoxo, Issy

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12 thoughts on “My Skirt Wont Stay Over My Ass?!

  1. Jajaja ! Que malota eres mami , logras que se me suba la bilirrubina ( y otras cosas ^_^ ), pero que bien te sienta el azul en ese cuerpazo de Diosa que tienes…WOW!
    Besitos mi Princesa Dominicana XXX

  2. You are so beautiful, sexy, and delicious. I have dreams about you. I would do anything you told me to do. The main thing I want to do is suck on you. Tell me where to start, and tell me what you like. The other thing is I want to bathe you, and have my hands all over you. Please!!!!!

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