Miss Issy aka DominicanPoison In The Club!

Hola lovers!

I was out dancing with my chicas last night and so many guys were looking at me on dancing floor all the night! And I was not wearing anything very sexy. I mean, not as sexy as I wear sometimes, or on my live webcam hehehe. I took this photos in the club to show you how innocent I was.

But seeing all those men watching me made me very horny, so I can’t wait to go live on webcam and play with you my lovers. And I promise – I will be wearing much much sexier clothes than this for you papi! Mmmmmm..

Come and see why they call me DominicanPoison on my webcam!

xoxox, Issy aka DominicanPoison

9 thoughts on “Miss Issy aka DominicanPoison In The Club!

  1. Some really innocent looking cleavage! Innocent looking tight pants too! All so innocent, can’t believe men we’re staring all night. 😉

  2. ¿Pero como no te van a mirar todos los hombres? si ya solo con tu mirada eres capaz de paralizar sus corazones , esa ropa que llevas no será la mas sexy pero sobre tu explosiva anatomía es infernalmente atractiva y sensual . Lo que me queda claro es que eres una Diosa!… y yo tu fiel e incondicional admirador

  3. You have a lot of pics can’t comment on all of them but I just want to tell you that the pics that iI have seen are very nice an I also seen the tw video you was in. Keep up the good work I’m definitely a fan.

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