Mirror, mirror…

It was long time since I write in my blog but I want to show you this funny pic:


You notice? My butt in the mirror LOL

I’ll be online on my my webcam this week so hope you can cum and play! Mwaaa!

Besitos, Miss Issy aka DominicanPoison

4 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror…

  1. I see your best, and i want to be your guest.
    Radiant and passionate that you are, your the
    fairest of them all. There is no harm warming
    me up with your charm I hear your beat and i
    feel you heat and Im loving it, so stay sweet!!!Your beautiful, Gorgeous, Voluptuous and thats all i can see. Eyes like diamonds, your lips are honey, and you have a heart of gold. Your beautiful to see and all thats all you can be!! I found a Jewel So Precious, Priceless, Unique, one of a kind, hard to find, One Model, One make,A Diamond, A Priceless Jewel! You are rare and unique, and wonderous person to see and behold. lips that taste honey, and better than all the money. With long and radiant hair.
    Your finest and fairest of them all. Your spicy and hot, and too hot to handle!!!
    I get burned just from thinking of you, so let it burn.

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