Is this too much cleavage?!

I buy this dress few days ago cause I really like how my butt looks in it. But when I put it on, I think it’s showing too much cleavage. You know Im very proud of my big titties and I dont mind sharing them on my webcam and in real life, but do you think this is too much for real life?!

I will be happy to host some webcam show in this dress if you like it cause I think it’s hot, but not so sure if I should wearing it to restaurant or disco?!

xoxo, Issy

14 thoughts on “Is this too much cleavage?!

  1. Estas impresionante! se ajusta a tu hermosisimo cuerpo como guante de seda. Debes de tener la seguridad de ser tu la que decida donde y cuando llevarlo , si te apetece lo llevas y te luces , a quien no le guste que no mire y al que le guste (somos la grandisima mayoria) que te admire . Besos mi Reina de tu fiel admirador del otro lado del Oceano Atlantico XOX

  2. Words can’t truly express the beauty that u possess. Whatever you wear will never be able to contain the ultimate body! You r just so delicious.

  3. WOW!!! Luces más hermosa de lo normal, cualquier prenda que le pongas a ese hermoso cuerpo que tienes le sienta bien.

    Besos preciosa

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