Easter week

Taking advantage of the holidays to show my bikini,  looks never fail, but the opportunity to get a tan skin was great. see you later on video chat

14 thoughts on “Easter week

  1. Hello miss Issy!

    You’re so beautiful in your ( little) bikini!
    I’m sure you were the center of interest of all men who were there!!! 😉
    Don’t be worry: your skin looks already perfect! 😉

    See you ( very very) soon!

    ( An admirer from France).

  2. Es que con ese cuerpazo que te ha dado la madre naturaleza como no te van a mirar , hasta los ciegos recuperarian la vista ha tu paso .
    BESOS mami

  3. You are truly a perfect 10! I hope to see lots more of you in the future. I’m convinced you can make a great career out of modelling.

    I wish you all the best.

    Regards from The Netherlands

  4. Hey ms issy how r u? Donde Estas ? What happened to ur Facebook ? Don’t tell me they deleted u. Well I want to tell I miss u and I hope to see more of u and hope that u get back on Facebook . Besos mami mucho love . Adios take care

  5. Que preciosa quanto me gustaria perder mi virginidad contigo 😉 Eres la mujer mas hermosa que he visto en mi vida

  6. I can see myself taking care of our baby together that we made out of love. Bonding in marriage with her for the rest of our lives I can’t type anymore about to cry

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