Cute Black Lingerie Set


recently I buy some sexy cute lingerie, so I wanted to make some big titty selfie to show you. I love this black bra, and this tiny skirt. I think you also will like how my butt looking under it. hihi

I have even more new sexy lingerie for my webcam shows, so come to have fun with me! Mwaaa!

xoxo, Issy aka DominicanPoison

8 thoughts on “Cute Black Lingerie Set

  1. My birthday was yesterday 03/23…Somehow I wish that I could have had you to come and celebrate with me, it would have been fun to see all my friends faces when you walked in with me. It would have been a “BLAST”.

  2. ¡Hola! Pienso que eres bien bonita y quiero que sabes que tu belleza es extraordinario :). Espero que podríamos hablar.

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