Big Boobs In Tube Top #MirrorMonday

Hola my lovers xoxo!!

It was long before my last update here, so Im sorry for that! But it’s a new week today, and I want to do some sexy #MirrorMonday photos for you if you don’t mind?! 🙂 Before few days I find this cute tube top that I could actually fit my grande boobies, so I wanted to show you how this look:

It feels really tight, but I like it how it looks. Do you?! 🙂

If enough of you tell me here or on my Twitter that you like it, Im gonna wear it on my next webcam show. And also, I’ll let it slip down live on cam too! Hihihi

Have great week lovers!

xoxo, Issy aka DominicanPoison

9 thoughts on “Big Boobs In Tube Top #MirrorMonday

  1. I love to see you in your tube top!! Please wear that to EVERY webcam shoot!! You sure know how to weaken a guy!! I love seeing you in every tube top you own!! Even if it’s too small!! Lol

  2. Siempre tan bella siempre tan sexy , cualquier prenda que utilices en ese divino y maravilloso cuerpo que posees me parece fantástica . En ese top tus deliciosos pechos se adivinan dulces y jugosos como la fruta prohibida del paraíso…, otra vez gracias por hacer estremecer este corazón mi adorada Diosa Dominicana!! XOXOX

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